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ContractBeast has Shut Down

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I explained the reasons in a blog post that went viral, was picked up by news sites all over the world, and has been translated into three languages. It’s no small irony that ContractBeast received much more publicity in death than it ever did in life.


Please give it a read, and let me know if you think shutting down this startup was the right decision.



Confirm at a glance that employment agreements are in order, which NDAs are active, which agreements are about to expire and what’s about to automatically renew. Complete access to all of your legal commitments at your fingertips.


ContractBeast ensures that contracts are accessed only by those who have the right to do so and you see a complete history of what changes were made by whom. Workflow modeling and alerting shorten your sales cycle and speed your legal processes.


You will be up and running in minutes. Our free contract templates, negotiation tools and our fanatical devotion to making contracts effortless will help you see faster sales and better relationships.

Contract Beast is No More

We’ve unplugged the feedback form on the right, but if you want to know about the creator of ContractBeast or to get in touch with me, feel free to do so.

— Tim